Escuela de Árabe Cadmus مدرسة قدموس
  Escuela de Árabe Cadmus                                  مدرسة قدموس

Cadmus School of Arabic

Cadmus is the only school in Barcelona specialized in the teaching of the Arabic language and its dialects. We have over 15 years of experience offering courses for all levels and purposes.

Cadmus is located right at the centre of Barcelona, near Plaza de Cataluña Square, at the junction of Paseo de Gracia and Gran Vía Avenue.

All our teachers are qualified and experienced native speakers of Arabic and we are committed to a high standard of teaching.

We offer classes in small groups of between 4 and 7 people, which allow us to focus on the individual needs of our students.

At Cadmus we follow our own method of teaching based on the standards set by the Common European Framework for Language Teaching using only Arabic in the classroom from level one. We prepare students for all official exams from Spanish and foreign universities and our school has been thought out and designed to provide the adequate atmosphere for teaching and learning Arabic.

Besides teaching standard Arabic language and its main dialects: Moroccan, Algerian, Egyptian and Levantine, we organise workshops and conferences about Arab history, poetry, music, cinema, dance, calligraphy and cooking. 

Our team:



David Alvarez-Mon (Spain) 


Head Teacher:

Raghida Abillamaa (Lebanon)


We have a select team of 10 native teachers from Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria. All of them are qualified to teach Arabic as a foreign language and have proven experience.


We believe in the importance of continuous training and improvement for our methods of teaching and in this sense we are a pioneering center in the organization of courses, seminars and exams aimed at the training of teachers of Arabic.





Modern Standard Arabic (fusha) :

Available at any time during the year as we open new courses every month.

Dialectal Arabic:

Moroccan, Algerian, Egyptian, Sirian, Lebanese and Palestinian.

Courses start in October, January and June.



Private tuition:

Available at any time for those of you preparing to take high school, university or professional exams.



Courses specially designed for companies interested in training their employees to gain a competitive edge in arabic-speaking countries.



الانسان عدو ما يجهل.

علّم لغة: تتجنب بلاهة حرب.

انشر ثـقافة: تكتسب شعبًا لشعب


نعيم بوطانوس



The human being is enemy of what he ignores.

Teach a language and you will avoid the stupidity of a war.

Share a culture and you will make its people popular amongst others.


Naïm Boutanous


Gran Vía 617

08007 Barcelona

+ 34 933191868

+34 696770020